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by the way You can get what you want - even orderworks.
You can buy our art, lease it, or rent it for a certain time.
Don't hesitate - just contact the artist of your choice personally.
If You have any suggestions, please let us know.

ShopArt accepts new artists for GUESTS in its website.
Artists who have already their own homepage on internet we recommend just to choose an index page within ShopArt, linking direct to their own website. Examples see Thomas Koch or Conny Wendland. The annual member fee for this is only 50 Euro.

Artists who are not yet represented on internet we recommend a full homepage within ShopArt with index page, biography English and German and for the start 4 - 5 works pages with up to 20 art images. However, if appreciated, we offer also standalone websites with own URL. Examples see Christine Rieck-Sonntag, Max-W. Weber or Einhard Zang. The annual member fee for the complete design is 140 Euro, annual updates included. For a .com URL incl. huge serverspace app. 40 Dollar US will be charged in addition. A small counter left bottom on every artist's index page is telling, how many visitors an artist will have within one year. All counters will be set to zero again on 1st of January in order to have some comparism.
And finally confessed:
Who doesn't want to pay anything and has PC skills, can enlist himself for free in fantastic art plattforms like , , or on Facebook. ShopArt is there as well.
Almost all paitings are framed. The prices of the works shown include tax and frame. If you would like a painting or sculpture sent to You the costs for packeging and postal services will be added. For further information please contact ShopArt or the artist of your choice personally.
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