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What is ShopArt ?
Since July 1996, one of the then most extensive German websites for contemporary art is This site is a team-project of an international group of artists called "ShopArt" and homebased in Munich, Germany. They target on vistors, being interested to buy art direct from the artist himself, not having any art dealers or galleries involved, charging additional commission fees.
About seventy artists are - beginning from the Artists A-Z page or ThumbNail- Gallery - listed in the subdivision categories Vita/Biography (access also in English) and Art Works . In addition there is a CityShopArt Gallery which shows pictures of past exhibitions in Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg and explains where the name "shopart" once had its origin from. A Forum section shows interesting web-links to enter the entire art world and gives also useful hints for those artists, who want to promote themselves independently on internet. The Intern section describes the problems, interests and management of the ShopArt group. The News section lists the latest information about new artists and artpieces shown, and live art exhibitions, some of them are participating. For smart-TV-Users a new TV SlideShow has been added as well. And - as some Thai artists belong to the group as well - a Thailand Photo Gallery gives an extraordinary impression about this wonderful country.
The spectrum of over 5,000 paintings, sculptures and collages shown on encludes almost every style imaginable. Very spectacular - also because of its many animations - are the Neon Picture Objects of Chris Bleicher and the sculptures of Oleg Kuzenko. One gets unexpectedly deep insights into Germany’s art scene of the past, when Peter Janssen’s works come up on screen. He was a art professor in Germany and died 24 years ago, but is brought to life again now by means of the web.
The ShopArt website can be navigated easily and is visited by about 35.000 art enthusiasts every year. Small counters on left side below of the single artists’ index pages tell, where the visitors who came in on ShopArt index page have migrated further. Every first of January these counters will set to zero again, to have some comparism between the visitors’ appreciation of the single artists. None of the buttons on Shopart comes from a usual software source, all are handmade like the whole website in general. The ShopArt site is kept simple so that the effect of its main content - what is the art - is not influenced in any way. Technical complexity is avoided since elder art lovers often are not much versed in computer methods. ShopArt also should cause no problems with any browser and should be easily reached with every computer, even when it - in the simplyest form - is in an Internet Café somewhere in Sri Lanka. Whoever clicks the Sound -button is requested to enjoy silence or to turn on an online radiostation. The ShopArt site doesn’t offer nothing to the ShockWave- and Flash-Freak, but everything to the Art-Lover.

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