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Aynur Fidan, Turkish Contemporary Art Painter

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Biography Aynur Fidan TurkishAynur Fidan
Aynur Fidan

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Aynur Fidan was born 1952 in Istanbul. Graduated from Izmir Girls’ High School and Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics. Her parents were artists and she started painting herself at her studio in Bodrum. She is one of the founder members of the Water Group and had many exhibitions in Tukey and abroad. Through her naive style and the accents given to the eyes, she prefers to dive into into the dephs of human spirit an emotions. She was awarded the "Honorable Mention Prize" at the National Bone Marrow Transplantation Contest and participated 2009 in the Biennale Florence and 2011 in the Bienal Izmir. Her works can be found in various collections and she continues creating new paintings at her own studio.
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