Noppadol Khamlae
Wood Sculptor and Heraldic Wood Carver

3/2 Moo 1 Kunkong, Baan Tawai
Chiangmai 50230, Thailand
+66 (0)992716365
Nopradol Khamlae
1964 born in Hangdong, Northern-Thailand where he learned to work with wood from his uncle.
Cooperation with the German artists Helga Hornung und Chris Bleicher.
Workshop and Wood Carving School in Baan Tawai / Hangdong.
In addition to restoration work for temples, independent work and contract work from models and sketches.
Exhibitions in Chiangmai and Germany

There have been several reports in the media about Noppadol Khamlae and his
Wood Carving College, such as "Der FARANG" and "Chiangmai City News", Thailand,
"Good Woodworking" UK, "The Australian Woodworker" and on Bavaria-3-TV.

About the Artist

In May 1994 Noppadol Khamlae carved a Buddha Statue in the courtyard of the Munich City Hall using a 3,5 m tall maple log. Although he used only hammer and a chisel it took him only three weeks to finish the sculpture. He gave the gildened sculpture to the city of Munich as a present. It now can be seen in the Thai-Sala in Munich’s Westpark. The statue was consecrated by the Abbot of the Buddharama Monastery of Walwijk, Holland, and consequently was the first free standing Holy Statue of Buddha in Europe.