Oleg Kuzenko, art painter, sculptor, neo realist
Art Painter

Furtmayrstrasse 39
93053 Regensburg

Studio: Auweg 42a, 93055 Regensburg
Mobile: +49 163 5574773
E-Mail: olegkuzenko-at-gmx.de
Oleg Kuzenko
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1955 born in Priluki, Ukraine. When only eleven years old he began his study of painting at the Art School of Priluki under V.F.Karas.
After that he studied at the Art Institute of Dnepropetrowsk, Ukraine, graduating in 1975
1975-77 Study at the Academy of Art, Riga. Home and studio in St. Petersburg where he was a member of the "Island" group of artists.
1990 Two paintings bought by the Museum of City History in St. Petersburg.
1994 he emigrated to Germany with his family. Studio in Regensburg.
1995 became member of the Professional Association of Painters and Sculptors (BBK) of Lower Bavaria and Upper Pfalz.
Exhibitions in Russia, USA, Hawaii, Japan, Israel, France, Sweden, Finnland, Spain, Italy and Germany.

More details and his latest artworks you will find on
Oleg Kuzenko's homepage www.oleg-kuzenko.com.

About the Artist

Oleg Kuzenko's paintings reflect joy and hope, as well as doubt, grief and the suffering of mankind. His styled figures are often situated in curved, broken and transcendent rooms, which lead into the unknown.

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